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    بصمـة رائــدة الصورة الرمزية تيم الله ..
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    Jan 2009
    شكراً و أعجبني للمشاركة

    Statutes Of islamic hallmarks Section

    Statutes Of English Section

    - Do not write impolite words that contras with our religion and morals

    - Don't put your E-mail address inside threads

    - The topics should have a straight bond with

    English language "or foreign languages".

    The title should be clear and refers obviously to the topic.-

    The articles should be written in English

    language, you can translate later on.

    Do not put links from other fourms

    Supervisor can edit the articles without informing the writer,

    a caption will be posted in case of linguistic correction

    -Please don't forget to mention the source of the topic to make sure of it

    -Please commit to Islamic etiquette between the both genders

    and it is prohibited completely to use Demonstrative words like

    (......my dear/honey/my beloved/sweety /sweetheart/)

    whether it was between the same gender or different one

    It is allowed to use"my sister/ our generous sister/Virtuous/only

    : Dear members

    English language fourm is the suitable place for benefit
    and practice English
    You can learn language only by practice.

    we hope you accepting comments either from supervisors or other members

    Your comments proved your concern of this fourm that set up

    to achieve the benefit for everyone

    Open this section of the propagation of Islam
    in several languages, non-Arab

    Hope your cooperation


    Management Forum : Dr. Mohammad Al Arefe
    التعديل الأخير تم بواسطة ~*تسنيم*~ ; 22-09-2011 الساعة 12:52 AM

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    الصورة الرمزية لؤلؤة المحار
    تاريخ التسجيل
    Sep 2009
    شكراً و أعجبني للمشاركة

    افتراضي رد: Statutes Of English Section . . قوانين القسم الإنكليزي

    god bless you
    and bless sheik muhamad

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