I have been trying to rank on Google for 6 months! I have a online course that teaches students how to read and write Arabic texts. I studied 2 semesters at Knowledge International University and I studied the learn arabic alphabet at that University and it is based on the course that I studied there entitled Arabic Reading and writing made easy. The course is based of the course as I said which was and is taught by Dr. Bilal philips and he based it on the course which was taught at King Abdullah University in Jeddah, Arabia. That course was taught in the Arabic college of learning for Non-Arabic speakers but the issue is that is was taught in Arabic and it is a issue if it the students does not speak Arabic that is why Dr. Bilal decided to compile the course in English and basically translated that course and used his notes that he made to make that course and that is what he based his course on and he taught the course in the high school in saudi arabia and then he also taught the American University in Sharjah and then he started his university called IOU which has free course in the diploma section but the degree section has a fee. And he also taught the course at KIU which is not free and those two universities are the ones I studied the course at. I liked the course so much its so good and innovative and enjoyable and very good that I really enjoyed it and I thought I don't think I will learn arabic alphabet but I actually did it's so good mashallah. I only completed 2 semesters and half of the third due to my disease can cancer symtoms that I have and it really hurts me so that's why I needed to stop studying and I had to drop out. I am a expert in teaching learn arabic alphabet courses and other arabic type course and I am the best at refuting islamic misconceptions that is really my expertise but fiqh type course I would not say I am very skilled in that although I know the basics only

I am ok at teaching Aqeedah courses and seerah courses but my favorite course and topic and the best type of islamic study I Am good at is refuting islamic misconceptions and I feel as though Allah has blessed me with this skill for a very large purpose and I am sure my work will leave a positive mark on the world although it may not be known who is the one behind the presentation and that is how I hope it happens. That course and topic will be free on my website and all islamic courses will be free at my website the only course that will teach learn arabic alphabet will have a fee all other courses will be totally free. For example a tajweed course will be presented on my website and it will be free. I may also teach a SEO 101 course and YouTube earning money 101 course since Allah swt has blessed me with skills in those two fields but I am still considered a noob in those skills and I am not totally a expert as I am new to it and still learning and my main skills is teaching learn arabic alphabet and arabic and islamic type courses. Please read more about my course on the link that I have posted below this article. I like to quickly go over my course a little bit, my course includes 20 lessons and 21 hours of video content. It is presented via premade video lessons which means the student can learn at anytime or place without the need to attend live classes and have the burden of attending on time or else he missed the lesson, that allows the student to log-in anytime he is ready and it does not limit the ability to learn one bit because even thought the lessons are not live they are presented in a interactive way which means I talk to you and teach you in a way that will require you to reply and do the work with me as if its live and if you should have questions my email is provided in the course panel and I am ready for you to email me at anytime and I would be more then happy to help you. I launched my website in 2013 and I have 402 students enrolled to the course and I have a A+ rating with the BBB which I am very proud of. 8 of my lessons are provided free on youtube and if you want to enroll before you sign-up you can request 3 free lessons as a trial on my website. There is also a free lesson already provided on the course page of my website. I offer all new students a 30 day money back offer which means they can access the course and get a full refund should they not like the course. The full course is only $15 which is literally the cherry on the top of the cake. So if you want to start learn arabic alphabet from home read the post on this forum and sign-up today. I am happy for talking to you today and I hope my post was of some gain to you